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Full Colour Pages Are Back!

The problem I was running into has been addressed and I am now able to colour my comic pages again ^^ The pages that I had previously uploaded in black and white have now been re-submitted in full colour =) So be sure to check them out if you haven't already! (you only would have noticed the black and white pages if you read ahead on inkblazers or patreon)

For those wondering no, I did not manage to get photoshop, though through the suggestions of several recommendations decided to try colouring in Manga Studio 5 (the program I do all the work for the comic in anyway) and it worked pretty well. Though I don't work as smoothly with it as I do with photoshop I'm sure that I'll get used to it or eventually figure it out.

Important Announcement

I've unfortunately run into some technical difficulties on my end, I am having trouble obtaining Photoshop, the program I use to colour my images. Clearly, as a result I cannot colour my comic pages.

Now, before anyone PM's with the links for where I can 'you know what' the program for free. I actually do not wish to get my programs through these methods. I believe that if I am asking people to pay me for my art (whether it be by commissions or through InkBlazer) I can damn well invest in the programs I use to complete these tasks.

I know that there are other free - cheep programs that I can use, and yes, when I've been in the position where I cannot use photoshop I HAVE used them. It's just that for me they are more frustrating and tedious than they are help, because I don't know how to use them as well as I do photoshop, and things that would take me a small amount of time to do in photoshop, end up taking me hours upon hours to do in one of those programs (if I can end up doing it at all) Using another program would not only be counter productive, but a waste of my time.

For those wondering exactly what the issue is, I seem to have lost my CS4 disk/key. It was not with the other program CD's when I was gathering up my stuff to re-install, I panicked for a bit because I thought my mom may have thrown it out thinking it was just an out of date driver (to be fair she thought she might have too, because she had thrown a lot of those out). After thinking about it though I realized that because it was such an expensive program, that I put it in a 'special place' to make sure it would not get damaged or lost... and then completely forgot where that 'special place' was over the years... So basically, until I finally find that key (or find a way to hook myself up with Adobe's CC service) my colour pages and pieces will be on hold.

Fortunately, I can still do pages in black and white, so I will temporarily be releasing comic pages in B&W until I have this whole photoshop issue fixed. (for those that read Raven Wolf outside of Inkblazers, depending of course on how long this takes you may not even notice, since Inkblazers is currently several pages ahead of other websites I release the comic on)

As for commissions, I will do up to the B&W stage, but you may have to wait longer for me to be able to colour them (though once I am able to I will do so as soon as possible). For those who have already paid me for colour commissions and are unhappy with the wait, please PM and I will give you a full refund and my sincerest apologizes.

You Can Now Support Raven Wolf on Patreon


Right now this is just a small announcement, I don't have a much as I would like up there yet, but I'm hoping to improve the page by receiving feedback on ideas for milestones and pledges. Right now it's in a very experimental stage to see if this is indeed something that will work out for me. One step at a time right?

So what is patreon? Well as described here http://youtu.be/wH-IDF809fQ it's a way for dedicated fans to help support artists, kinda like kickstarter but instead of funding a very big project, you're helping to fund updates and released for constant projects and keep them going, like Raven Wolf.

You do not have to pledge money, though the ones that do will help in keeping Raven Wolf released and help it remain free and available to everyone. Though I do not expect a whole lot right now if this venture is successful it will open up a lot more exciting possibilities for Raven Wolf.

Check out the page if you have the time, hopefully this will be a way to help Raven Wolf grow.

Raven Wolf PSA =)

Just a friendly PSA to my readers to check out Raven Wolf on mangamagazine http://ravenwolf.mangamagazine.net

Not only do the views and activity I receive there help pay me for my work (at not cost to you) but there are benefits to readers as well.

1. You can read further ahead on mm than you can here. (at the moment of this posting chapter 5 of the comic has recently been finished and we are now starting chapter 6 up)
2. Extra Bonus pages at the end of each chapter (except chapter 1) that are exclusive to the manga magazine release (All 'just for fun' things, nothing extremely detrimental to the story if I don't post them anywhere else)
3. The most latest revisions and fixes to errors on previous pages so that it is hopefully easier to read.

Also if you want to hang out with other fans of the series check out the official forms at http://fynta.com/forum/
It's also worth mentioning that I hold late night to early morning streams almost everyday, where I work on comic pages, commissions and art, so you are always welcome to join me there http://www.livestream.com/kurapika
There is even a chat that a few fans have set up at http://webchat.nightstar.net/?channels=RavenWolf&
And for the latest announcements and updates on Raven Wolf, be sure to check out https://www.facebook.com/klsravenwolf if you have a facebook, and http://ravenwolf-kls.tumblr.com/ if you have tumblr

Thank you everyone for the support I have gotten for Raven Wolf thus far, I appreciate how far you have all helped me come ^^

P.S the prizes for the Fanart Contest have been sent out, so those of you who entered and picked out prizes, keep an eye on your mailboxes for them =)

Raven Wolf Fanart Contest Winner!

Well the time for getting your images in for the contest is up! We got a few really great entries so it was hard to pick a winner, I really loved them all and you all worked really hard on them =O

The winner for this contest and the prize is Yellit!! With their picture here~

Check out the other great entries! They're all worth giving a look =) (entries are placed in order I received them)

Masterofwolfs99 - http://fav.me/d6z6u06
Johny-Fox - http://fav.me/d6z8ijd
W0lfmare - http://fav.me/d6zai7t
Che-Bureiku - http://fav.me/d6zulo1
CatEyes115 - http://fav.me/d7046qq
xaviusfulgur - http://fav.me/d70anms

Thank you very much everyone that took the time to enter! Hope your holidays went well and that 2014 will be a good one.

Raven Wolf Fanart Contest (Christmas Edition)

So here we are, an attempt at a first contest. I don't know how many people will be interested in entering but here goes.

For this contest, we need a festive Christmas or winter themed drawing including one or more of the Raven Wolf characters. Can be characters from either the comic or novel.

You have from now until the end of December to get your entry in, just post a response here with a link to your entry.

Winner will be able to pick out 20$ worth of prints from my online shop =) (including notebooks) check it out here at http://kls.storenvy.com/ (depending on how many entries this contest gets the prize may increase as well as the number of winners, for now though it's just one prize)

Forums up on Official Website


I did a thing for my fans and set up some decent forums as I was getting a small few requests for one, come down and take a look~

There's still work to be done on them, but for now they should be completely useable (keep it clean though my mother and younger siblings tend to drop by my website). If you have any forum suggestions (or even suggestions for my broken wip website) don't be shy to request 'em.

I was gonna do a livestream today but I'm a little under the weather, so it may be one of those days where I gotta take breaks a lot to lay down or nap... which of course = for a not so great viewer experience.

Raven Wolf Comic Updates for December

Though some of you may have noticed already, I thought I would make an official like announcement.

Because of holidays and the chaos and business that comes with them. I will only be able to update my comic two times a week instead of three. So expect to see updates on Wednesday and Sunday. Next year if things go well we should be back to schedule as usual.

Apologizes for the inconvenience.

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