Raven Wolf

Raven Wolf Chapter 01 Pages 08 and 09

Date Posted: April 16th, 2011, 4:11 pm

Author Notes

Sorry for such a long wait on these next two pages... I've been working on the painting for the first novel so that comic pages were getting neglected as I worked on that. I did take time off of that image to get my butt in gear and put the next comic pages out before I went away for the weekend though, I don't want to leave my 5 fans waiting =) (I very much appreciate you guys faving the comic btw, it means a lot to me)

This one is two pages side by side... so you may have to scroll to see it. Sorry about that, it works much better on paper than a computer monitor, but doesn't look right when I separate the two of them =x

Drawing wise this page/pages is one of those -I can't get it to look right, but I really just gotta settle with what I have because if I keep at it like I am the next page will never come out because I'll never be satisfied with it- images. Most of that trouble came with the left half of the two page spread image where the two wolves are, and the first panel of the fox, as my original sketch for those panels got badly damaged, so I had a very poor image source to work with, I swear it would have been easier to just redraw it from scratch on the computer then try and figure out the messed up lines that remained on the original sketch.

Next page is a full page scenic scene... so... yeah... I'll try not to put it off for too long due to my dislike for drawing buildings, hopefully I'll suck it up without much trouble and just get it over with. Like ripping a band-aid off.