Raven Wolf

Raven Wolf Chapter 01 Page 11

Date Posted: April 19th, 2011, 2:01 am

Author Notes

Yeah, Eve gets/is going to get a lot of panels in the first chapter. So those that like her have lots to look forward to. For those that don't like her... well... sorry for making you put up with her in the first chapter for so long.

Was hoping to get this done much earlier, but you know how plans like that turn out <.< A very pastel shaded page compared to the ones before.

Drawing wise... this page and a few others were kind of a pain to translate from the novel to a comic, as a lot of this was descriptive narration on Eve's life and living situation. Hopefully I was able to get everything I needed in there without it looking odd or cluttered.

The word bubble in the second panel -or actually I guess the only word bubble on this page as the rest are boxes- Ended up being a lot bigger than I sketched it out in the layout to be, as I was sketching up the layout directly off my novel pages, then after inking it all found out that I would need to have her say a bit more to keep the comic readers from missing the point of her mundane schedule that was described in the book through narration. I tried to place it as best as I could, and I hope it doesn't look odd. To me it looks fine... but hopefully I will not run into that problem when creating the layout again.

I didn't have a lot of background to work with for this page colour or otherwise =/ as Eve's room is white walled with nothing on it, it ended up making the page you VERY blank, especially if you compared it to the other pages I released thus far. So I had to add a window which actually helped a lot more then I first thought it would in making the page look less blank, and added sparkles around the little chibi Eve figures that give a quick visual queue of what she's going on about.

I was going to but a design on her pyjamas's but it made it look too busy and quickly brought your eyes straight to it instead of the picture as a whole. So I removed them.


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