Raven Wolf

Raven Wolf Chapter 01 Page 12

Date Posted: April 20th, 2011, 3:59 pm

Author Notes

I realized while colouring that this is the first page where I didn't have one of the panels open so that the image/colour bleeds out onto the rest of the page.

This is another page/issue where there situation was explained through narration in the novel. Though I'm not sure if what I did to translate it to comic form helps matters either... I'm not entirely happy with it myself, it's decent enough sure, but not really what I was going for, but at this point I have no idea how else to do it.

Drawing wise, it was a simple enough page to do, and actually wasn't a whole lot of work. The biggest issue was the aroma. I was really unsure of how to add that right, as it's supposed to look like a pleasant smell (coffee), but Eve does not like it, so I was worried that it may confuse readers on if it was a nice smell or not, all of which is cleared up in the next page, but for now remains a unseen in this one.


I R NERD Here's a true story:
I was playing Pokemon Emerald today and wanted one of my Pokemon to NOT be Nicknamed after an Okami Brush God. -_-
I have a Vulpix on my team and remembered this comic. So i flew to Slateport, entered the name rater's house, and declared my Vulpix Proudly be Nicknamed Eve Cadrey. ...THAT'S NOT A WORD?!? ...Well it deserves to be.
Eve! Cute!
Nice Story!