Raven Wolf

Raven Wolf Chapter 01 Page 16

Date Posted: October 22nd, 2011, 3:44 am

Author Notes

Not released on scheduled as I had planned... but hey at least it's going!! (wait it's 3am <.< it seems I have lost track of time again)

Hopefully I'll be able to get right on track, but there's so much stuff for me to catch up on right now that it's keeping me from working on my pages.

I do like how this one turned out better than my last page, it was also kinda fun because every pose that Fitz has was rather amusing to work on.

For a close up on the last panel
http://ravenwolf-kls.tumblr.com/post/11776599070/this-one-is-a-little-long-but-its-ano ther-close


Yay! Great to see another page, is there a regular schedule on updates?
@Anonymous-_-: Trying to have it so I upload at least a page every Wednesday, but I keep getting sick and falling behind ><
Yea bro I know what that is like :( I hope you can catch a break :) as long as I know this hasn't been abandoned its all good!
Don't fell bad. I'll stay and listen to your History... speech... thing or whatever you want to call it. :)
Raccoon nature, trying to get stuff. :)
from trying to steal a snack to to lending on the vending machine in three seconds flat
Don't Fell Bad...
Nice Comic!!