Raven Wolf

Raven Wolf Chapter 02 Page 17

Date Posted: January 3rd, 2012, 1:03 pm

Author Notes

I'm pretty amazed that I have managed to get this far. I was sure that I would eventually get so frustrated with having to colour so much that I would give in and make the comic black and white.

I would like to continue releasing full colour pages, as they look really nice and fit the style well (and do intend to keep doing it as long as my health permits) but some days... ohh some days...

Also, lots of new dialog text converted from the descriptive format these musings were originally depicted with in the original novel version. (Well... not really new lines... just changed around to make it so Eve would be saying/thinking it instead of a 3rd person description)


Ah, cool. So this isn't just a comic, it's a novel, too?
I'm kinda thinking about doing that, but I'm only a child, basically, so I just don't have the time in between school and extra-curricular activities.
And I can't draw or colour for crap XD
I hope you comtinue to colour the pages in, it looks great that way!
@ClarkeWolf: Indeed, it's based off a series of novels that I wrote/still writing. Another way of telling the story (although a painfully slow way)
This is a great read as it has always been! Man I miss a day and apparently three pages because of that xD oh well caught right up now :p
nice new chapters :D, It's a toss up between reading the novel version to find out what happens or waiting for scenes this way... Awesome work mate I hope you are feeling better at the moment
@KLSeunnapha: Ugh, I hear ya. I'm trying to animate a series right now with a system called Flipnote Studio, I think I've finished four 30 second vids and one page of the story XD
Eve! Sexy! Cute!
Eve Cadrey Foxy Girl Good Girl! Good Style
Sexy! So Beautiful Fox Girl!!