Raven Wolf

Raven Wolf Chapter 02 Page 18

Date Posted: January 5th, 2012, 12:53 pm

Author Notes

Had a lot of trouble getting this page done, I tried to finish it yesterday but it just didn't happen. My pain from my chronic illness was really flaring up yesterday (and today) so I was working a lot slower and had to keep taking constant breaks off of the computer to lay down. Determination pulled through though, and even though it's late I was able to finish it.

For those worried about me working on stuff like this even when I'm sick don't worry about me. I take my breaks and watch myself, I just don't want to not be working on anything, there's no reason for the illness to win and keep me from doing the stuff I love doing, honestly the best medicine I've gotten so far is the fact that I can still do my drawing and write through all the crap going on, it keeps me from feeling useless or falling into depression because it feels like I'm unable to do anything. (which is honestly what happens when I haven't been drawing or writing for a while, and truthfully the meds they put me on for that crap just make everything worse because of all the side effects, making me unable to draw or write at all, heck I can't even focus, I just sleep all day or stare blankly ahead of me... cause I can't even think or even imagine things anymore... I just stare... at nothing)

Anyway enough about me, enjoy the page =)


It's great that, dispite a slight irritation, you still continue to do what you love. I know the words of a far-away child may not mean much, but I'm glad you do this, because you're good at it.
:D I love Yula!
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