Raven Wolf

Raven Wolf Chapter 02 Page 19

Date Posted: January 6th, 2012, 1:31 am

Author Notes

A little bit of dialog change from the original novel to the comic format.

In the novel Yula said - "None of them had names on their uniforms, they only have numbers. I can’t remember exactly what his was… but it had the number thirteen in it three times, I also know what he looked like, he was a skunk."

In the comic I decided to change this to - "None of them had names on their uniforms, but this one had a number on him. I can’t remember exactly what his was… but it had the number thirteen in it, I also know what he looked like, he was a skunk."

This was done because the uniforms were never given numbers when I drew them, it was just too complicated a detail to fit in and remember, so it felt odd for Yula to talk about them when they never visually appeared before, and never will appear in the comic version. Luckily though the character he's talking about happens to have a identification tattooed on the inside of his ear, so changing the dialog wasn't hard at all. It even had the number 13 in it.


I really love this comic, can't wait to read some more. And Happy New Year to you! Thank you for sharing all this comic with us. =D
Awesome I love this story, and that it is a comics. It is something that I find my self waiting for. I do like the drawings and anime style. But have you considered making their muzzles allittle longer? Maybe on just the wilds? Idk. Just a thoght
Great work Just a Question, what is your exact release schedule? I can't predict when the next page will be released.
@Guest. : I try to release a new page every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately due to my health or my medication I'll find myself bedridden for a day or otherwise unable to work, so I I may miss a day or two. Sometimes I will try to use the weekend to catch up if I can, though typically I try to give myself a break on weekends, as these pages are a lot of work and take most of the day to complete.
Thx for quick reply! Thx for replying so quickly I will probley just check this site every Saturday or something so I have A few pages to read. The comic and story are amazing though. (I am the guest. From above)
Please, don't touch the muzzles. Why would you want longer muzzles?
Curious I was just wondering if it had been played with, I do love how it was done tho. Just wondering
aaw!!! Yula is so damn CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!
Interesting story.
By the way fav!
Those touchy little details... Why can't he recall them as easily as me?