Raven Wolf

Raven Wolf Chapter 02 Page 25

Date Posted: June 13th, 2012, 1:25 pm

Author Notes

If you're wondering why all my Raven Wolf drawings outside of the comic seem to have a lack of Eve Cadrey, it's most likely because I have to draw her so much in the comic right now =x so I might just be a little bit sick of drawing her all the time... <.<

No worries for all those Eve fans out there, =) as I'm thinking of making some nice prints and print sets to sell at the convention I'll be selling at this year, though I honestly don't know how well anthro art will sell at a none anthro convention u.u as the free cards I made to advertize the comic barely left the table the last year I went. Oh well, I can still hope right? They need more conventions in my area that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to get to because of transporting that damn wheelchair of mine >=(

In concerns to that the comic is probably gonna be a little bit slow as I try to get as many prints possible done for the upcoming convention. Thankfully though it will not be as slow as it's been the last few pages with me being sick, I'm hoping to keep with at least 2 pages a week =)


Seriously, take your time. We'd rather have it slow than not at all!
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