Raven Wolf

Raven Wolf Chapter 03 Page 21

Date Posted: March 15th, 2013, 3:21 pm

Author Notes

Those that have read the novel chapters may notice that a conversation is missing. Mostly because it didn't translate to the comic very well without making the scene stretch on for what felt like a needlessly long time for a scene so small in the book.

What was removed for those who are curious.

The vehicle stops at a red light, Yula ever so slightly leans towards Dolly as to get a better look out of the window on her side. He spots a very small child who’s features were well hidden behind many layers of clothing, the young girl looking over to their car and staring at him.

Yula stares back at her, it looks as if this child is looking right at him. He turns away from her, looking over to Dolly. “Hey... can the people outside of the car see us like we can see them?”

Dolly shakes her head no. “The window is one sided, no one can see inside.”

Yula looks from Dolly and back to the child, who still looks to be staring right at him, Yula lifts his hand and waves at her, the young girl lifts her hand, waving back, Yula laughs at the reaction. “Are you sure it’s not broken?”

The light turns green and the car once again moves forward, the small girl that was staring at Yula watches as it leaves, she looks up at the street that the car was driving on. “Did you see his eyes?"


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