Raven Wolf

Raven Wolf Chapter 07 Page 29

Date Posted: May 13th, 2017, 7:10 pm

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thank Satanletia for the updated
When the next update come plz do it fast I'm a big fan
Not a comment
Poor Yula
love it Read everything love it keep up the good work post more soon
Status I haven't heard from you. Are you okay? How are your projects doing?

I check the graphic novel for updates daily.
Hey, I just got the opportunity to catch up again, and I saw that this hasn't been updated in a while. Everything okay? I really enjoy the comic, and I hope we can get more soon.
dude...where u at...saw this comic of yours on another site before it transferred here...was a lot farther there...been waiting for an update...come back to this man...i loved this one when it was regularly updated
what site @Silver Hell Wolf:

what other site did you see this comic on me and a friend are reading this and wed like to know please
Plsssssss Raven wolf long a 1000 year plsssssss i like yule female plssss ok age 18
Come back Raven wolf Hi, I think Raven wolf is a very good comic, in fact one of the best I have ever came across with. Unfortunetly the webcomic hasn't been updated since 2017 and the links to the novel are broken. My point t is that you are a very good artist and I heavely recommend you to update this comic again, wether you decide to do it or not is your decision.


@Kyle: The comic is right now on hiatus and I'm not sure if I will return to making it due to several complications, most of which are out of my control.

I hope to still continue the novel version though.

I am very sorry for the trouble. (The comic is a little bit further along on Tapastic, but not by much)
I just discovered this and read it nonstop the last two days, just got to a pint that I can’t move on, so I’m guessing that’s the end of what you’ve made so far. I beg you PLEASE CONTINUE MAKING UPDATES TO THE COMIC, PLEASE! I’m a humongous fan
Next Page Next Story Please!
Next Update Come! Come On!
I don’t think their going to make more but I can hope