Raven Wolf

Animethon Tomorrow
August 5th, 2011, 6:21 pm
So yeah, Animethon is tomorrow, and I will be in the dealers room selling my art.

Be sure to drop by and have a look or say hi to me and the other wonderful artists there! And buy my prints if you would like to ^_^ You're support goes a long way in helping out... which I kinda need right now seeing as mom doesn't have a job and doesn't look like she's able to get one for a while... but we'll save that sob story for another time... or never.

Other than that, been busy busy busy busy... today I get to set up the tables in the vendors room. Boy will that be a whole bunch of not fun... we couldn't really plan out a layout as home... simply because we're not sure of how much space the wheelchair would need. You know if I drove straight and at it's exact measurements then ya! We would have it, but I don't... and we're not entirely clear how much space the other people there will take up and yadda yadda yadda. So we get to magically figure it all out when we get there. Yay for being prepared!!! It is family tradition to be this way I think.

Thankfully all my merch is done, I just have a few displays to fix up from things that got sold out during Otafest (mostly pins/buttons). And then get everyone else to set it up... since I can't do it on my own =_= which sucks... Hopefully I'll get the bulk of it done tonight, though I think that we won't finish and will still be setting up Sat. morning before the vendors room opens. That's how things went down at Otafest anyway...

Luckily after this convention I can go back to working on comic pages for Raven Wolf and Zimiko Knights ^_^... well... actually it will be 3 weeks... as I'll still be at my siblings house for 3 weeks more before I go back home to my tablet and oh so comfortable drawing spaces.