Raven Wolf

Laptop! =)
December 30th, 2011, 9:07 pm
So I finally got a laptop =) I’ve been needing to get one for a few years now because some days (actually, more days than I would like to admit) my heath makes is so that I’m stuck in bed (or laying on the sofa if someone is home to talk to) for a long portion of if not the whole day, which leaves me very bored with nothing to do, as even in the living room where I have my videogames to play I just can’t focus on them if my mind is set on “omg I wanna write this scene” or “omg I really want to draw!!”

For now I can really only use the laptop for writing, which is still a big step up from being able to do nothing. Drawing is going to have to wait until I can afford to buy a tablet, and that will probably take a while, as extra money is somewhat hard to come by when your health will not allow you to work a job =/ but hey, writing my stories is still good enough for now =)

I am though going to have to get used to this keyboard… (took me about 10 attempts to sign into my facebook because I kept getting my password wrong from trying to use this new keyboard. Thank goodness I have spell check to keep me looking like a complete idiot.