Raven Wolf

April 10th, 2012, 1:09 pm
For those of you that have stuck around and waited patiently for my updates, thank you so much for doing so. March was supposed to be a pretty big month for me in concerns to my Raven Wolf series (It’s one year anniversary since I decided to start on the comic / release my work publicly) but of course life doesn’t like to cooperate with any plans you make before hand, and he combination of other work / being sick all the time / doctor’s appointments / broken computer made for a very large gap in my updates for almost everything (I was able to throw in a bunch of novel chapters, but that was about it). I’ve got a long list of work / organizing / scheduling (I honestly don’t know why I bother scheduling when I get sick all the time…) to do so please bear with me a little bit longer as I try to get back on my productive mode route, but I will do my best to get the last chapter of book 4 of Raven Wolf up, as well as page 22 (sorry for the long wait) of chapter 2 of the comic, then of course I will finish up the commissions that I was in the middle of doing before my computer decides it was tired of doing work and died on me.

For those who want an update on my health, want to make sure I’m doing okay. Well, the meds for the arthritis and joint pain are helping a lot, but still making me completely useless and ill the days that I take them (which is on Saturday, for those of you wondering why you can never seem to get in touch with / see me online much on Saturday, thank you medication for ruining my weekends) unfortunately though because my joint pain is getting less intense effects from the lupus are starting to show up, mainly the ‘hey lets be so fatigued that you sleep 24/7’ thing, which I do not like at all, and is actually proving very difficult for me to find a way to fight / work around. I just can’t seem to find a way to stay awake anymore or keep from dozing off, it’s actually very frustrating. I feel like Chase (those that read the novel will know who that is), and trust me no one want to be stuck sleeping as much as him. Aside from that mood swings and personality changes from hell, one day I’m trying to take on the world, next day I’m feeling sorry for myself and wanting to give up on life, day after I’m okay to talk to without me going on an over emotional rant, next day I can’t do anything but rant, next day I can’t stop talking about how much I like video games, day after I can’t stop talking about how much a HATE video games. Honestly I feel sorry for the people that contact me and have to put with this.

The funds for wheelchair ramp I have been saving up for / doing commissions for, is unfortunately getting dipped into, as I have to take my dog to the vet again. He’s old now and getting on in his years so he seems to be having visits like this more often, thankfully though it’s not a big issue like the glaucoma incident last year, just a broken tooth that needs removing… that copycat…

So yeah, that’s about all I have to say, wouldn’t want to ramble any more than I already have. Oh yeah, starting on a new project, no info on that yet though still working on details, putting it together and such, so be sure to be in the lookout for random things that may pop up related to that.


Nice to hear from you again! The 24/7 sleep thing must suck though.... Don't push yourself too hard working on pages though. We can wait a bit longer for them.
Sickness sucks! Ugh I know what you mean! I have been on many meds that make you sleep, one thing to look forward too is that unless your meds are up`d in the dosage you will get used to it and that side effect will go away.
Oooooh, hopefully we can see the next one soon!
Thank goodness! I was afraid you had forgotten or abandoned the comic, like another awesome comic I faved a year ago...
I'm so glad to see you're still here, hope your health andd life is a little easier on you in the future.
Happy Friday 13! >:D