Raven Wolf

Back Online =)
October 30th, 2012, 3:54 am
As some of you may or many have not noticed, I've every so slowly been healthy enough to get out of bed and come and post a bunch of things that have been stacking up on me since I got sick and stuck in bed. These being the Raven Wolf chapters I had finished and were waiting on my friend to edit (which he was finally able to do) and a bunch of pictures I drew for this summer's conventions (yes... it really has been that long x.x) Aside from a few more Raven Wolf character images that are waiting to but uploaded I should be caught up.

More good news, I'm finally able to start drawing again =) though... I am a little rusty right now. But this does mean that I can get back to my comic pages and commissions, so do look forward to that ^^ Anywho, that's my quick update for today. Here's hoping my health cooperates with me and lets me keep working.