Raven Wolf

Computer Probems
November 27th, 2012, 8:42 pm
To sum it up. My computer is not turning on (using my laptop to post this) so there will be no more art, comic pages or novel chapters until I can get that working. As I can`t do these things on the laptop -well technically I can do writing, but the chapter I was in the middle of working on is not on it... so... yea... therein is the problem-

So shorty after finish up work on and posting my comic page today I had a dentist appointment. So I turned my computer off and went to my appointment (which was very painful the the freezing to make my mouth numb wasn't working well... so it hurt like hell when they drilled into my teeth, they keep giving me more but it wasn't helping, so I pretty much had to just deal with it... as well as deal with a frozen face for the rest of the day, as they used so much freezing that they said it would take 5 hours or more before it started going away -I couldn't even feel my ear on that side of my head)

Anyway, I come home from a bad day of *that* and intend to go on my computer to work on writing, as that always makes me feel better. Was hoping to finish up the next novel chapter of Raven Wolf. Unfortunately every time I tried to start up my computer, it would turn itself off in the middle of booting up. At that point I figured "f it... I'm just gonna sleep this freezing off and have my brother look at my computer when he get home from work."

Unfortunately, he didn't come home from work he went out to his garage to work on cars, and when he does that he always comes home in time *just* to get enough sleep before work, and he usually does this for days to weeks in a row, so I have no idea when he will have the time to look at it. I will mention it to him and hope he remembers before heading out after work tomorrow, but he`s pretty forgetful x.x

So yeah, that`s my bad news for the day / possibly week. I know things could be worse but yeah... not being about to work on writing or drawing sucks a lot T_T