Raven Wolf

A Brand New Year =)
January 2nd, 2013, 7:33 pm
Those of you that have been keeping up with me may or may not know about all the trouble and obstacles I've been running into last year in concerns to getting my writing and comics finished x.x There were a few things that I would bring up in journals, but there was also a lot that I didn't bring up, because I didn't want to sound like I was whining and looking for people to feel sorry for me.

For a quick sum up of last year.
For me and my family it's been a tough year though, too many people I know dying, too many family members dying, too many cancer announcements for family members with life expectancy %'s that will very likely make 2013 a bad year for family members dying too, too many family members fighting, too many court battles, he said-she said's and over all drama happening. Basically too much unwanted crap and drama going on.

For myself this year was the year I was diagnosed with Lupus a few days before my birthday. The meds for that are not agreeing with me and are making me too tired giving me a loss of appetite. While another new med I started back up on this year makes me nauseous and want to throw up everywhere. I thought I was really starting to get the hang of my medication but it has proven me wrong.

In regards to my pets this year my one of my cats died, and not normally either, apparently according to the vet and the cop that lives next to us he was most likely poisoned by one of our neighbors to have deteriorated and died that fast (was sick for less that 24 hours) This year my dog started going blind in his left eye (his right eye was removed the year before) it's been a lot of work (more so for us that him) to train him to get used to responding to sounds instead of sights, but he still has panic attacks if he concerned with something going on in his blind side, this concept apparently a hard thing to explain to people that come and visit (honestly what part of "don't approach him or touch him on his blind side you'll scare him and he might bite) do they not understand?

This year the van that could carry my electric wheelchair broke. From October to mid December I couldn't leave the house on my own anymore. Then we got a new folding wheelchair donated to us from one of my mom's friends, but even though I can get out of the house I completely lost my independence, and I have to have someone pushing it all the time.

It hasn't all been bad though, there's been a lot of good things too, but 2012 was one of those years where the bad things outweighed the good.

Here's hoping that 2013 goes better for me art and writing wise, as well as life wise. So far the beginning of 2013 hasn't been that great, I got a pretty big flare up of symptoms during the holiday season that continued on into this year, but it's starting to go down so I'm hoping to be able to start drawing again by the end of this week. There's also a few neat projects starting up / in the works by other people for my Raven Wolf comic, like a french translation of the comic as well as a comic dub of it =) Look forward to more on that in the future.

I'll be going through my e-mails and messages that have piled up over the holidays today, also for those who read the novel series of Raven Wolf, Chapter 11 of Book 5 should be out soon, as for my comic readers I'll do my best to try and get the next page out before this week ends.