Raven Wolf

Cool Stuff =)
April 16th, 2013, 12:03 am
Heya everyone! Very sorry for the lack of updates last week =( I caught a cold or something got really sick to the point where I could barely sit up at the computer to work or even post pages up x.x

I’m still a little sick, but thankfully it’s just coughing =) no more fever, headache, chest pains or vomiting, just coughing. So hopefully I’ll be able to see more progress this week.

Anyways I have some neat stuff for everyone! Fanarts and other fun stuff for Raven Wolf! to share!

First off we have my opponents entries for when I was in wave's MMMMM contest =) I ended up losing this round, but had lots of fun regadless~ Here are the beautiful entries that Teddy was lucky enough to be featured in!!

http://www.mangamagazine.net/illustrations/20-ft-under-the-sea/detail-page/28738 (The Winner ^^)

Now some great none contest related fanarts =)


A desktop by b2peace (there were some more but the links don't seem to be working anymore)


And last but not least an awesome Thematic Cue compsed by idarin


Thank you everyone for the time and effort you've put in these ^^ I really appreciate it. I will keep working hard to keep this series going ^^