Raven Wolf

Progress / Health Update, and Commissions are back *SLOTS FULL*
May 17th, 2013, 10:48 pm
First off I would like to apologize for my lack of interaction in the comments I get on my pages. I just haven't had the time to reply to them all like I would like to. I'll do my best to answer questions that are asked me though, other than that if I can think of a response I can certainly give it. Rest assured though, I read and appreciate every single comment that I get ^^

Onward to the news.

My mom is back home from taking care of her mom for a while, but she's still 'on call' for when my Oma needs her back in Ontario. While she has been here the last two weeks I've been catching up on a whole bunch of doctors appointments that I have been avoiding going to myself (I really hate going to the doctors, even though I know that I should with my health issues) as well as we've been doing a lot of cleaning, sorting and rearranging (mostly of my office/computer area) around the house, 'cause my dad and bro kinda trashed the place being slobs while she was gone and she's trying to make it open and more easier for me to get around for when she leaves again, so I don't get hurt as much as I did the last time. Because of this I just haven't had the time I usually have to work on my comic pages or other related arts. (not that you would notice too much due to buffer pages, unless you read on mangamagazine where I upload my buffers early, then you certainly see a noticeable wait between pages)

Hopefully though I can get back on track next week, it seems that all the major things have been taken care of so I can start getting back to my slave-drive drawing schedule. I'm also hoping to work toward updating my other comics (something I haven't been able to do for almost a year now...) so do look forward to seeing some of those on the site -if applicable of course, some galleries I'm a member of are very particular to the style / theme of art I upload, so they will not be showing up there if they don't fit the website's criteria-

Also I will be opening up for commissions once more, as mom hasn't had a job for months now and the bills are really starting to pile up x.x If I do though spots will be pretty limited (1 or 2 openings a month) as I just have a lot of work to do, and I would also like to avoid what happened last year when I has a long list and then got sick for half a year making everyone have to wait a REALLY long time for me to be able to work on their commissions x.x I will increase the number if I feel that I can handle it. Right now though I would like to keep the number small just to be sure that I can do them. -A note for those who want 'naughty commissions' I will draw nudes (no intercourse) but please be aware that my computer is located in the living-room where every single member of my family can see it. If I'm lucky I honestly only have about 1 - 3 hours a day when no one is around so I can work on stuff like that (some days none), so if you do commission me for a piece like that, it will take a REALLY long time for it to get done.

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