Raven Wolf

Comic and Novel Update
June 15th, 2013, 11:07 am
So my medication on switched up again, and if you couldn't tell from my lack of comic page updates it is really messing me up again x.x Updates for the comic might continue to be slow my body tries to get used to the new meds and schedule so I apologize for any inconvenience that will cause.

On an additional note, despite the very poor last few days I've been having health wise. I have been able to start working on my novel chapters again (what with mom being back home from Ontario to help me out and there being a lot less stress on me because of it) so as soon as my friend goes through and edits them you'll be seeing some more Raven Wolf novel chapters headed your way (sorry to leave you guys waiting at a cliffhanger like that)

Anyways, just thought I would update you guys on that and let you know I'm not dead, just sick again x.x


Where is the rest? Are you sick? Are your meds screwed? Are you late on the bills?

I'd be happy to help you with funds, if you finish this freaking story.

It's cruel to make me fall in love with these characters and then drive me insane with leaving this story unresolved.

It's worse than teasing a particularly promiscuous nymphomaniac to the point of physical anguish, and then just leaving the poor guy like that.

Some people like that sort of torture, but most do not.

Please finish this story. I will hate you if you don't. If you need money or medical insurance, let me know, and I'll do something for a sweet starving artist.

Okay? Finish it.
Very sorry about the wait, I do have more chapters done but I'm actually waiting on my friend to finish editing the chapters before I post them online. He has not had a lot of free time over the summer so it's taking a while.

He's hoping to get to them and finish them after EVO is done, very sorry for the wait.