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October 21st, 2013, 7:25 pm
So as you may or may not know, I've been stuck with a really bad flare up the last few weeks, because of it I have not been able to get any work done as I have mostly been sick in bed (I guess I was able to catch up on some video games though =x). Last week though I was able to get out of bed and onto the computer, talk on skype and even stick around in google hangouts a bit (but never really long x.x) even do a short bit of chapter work on the novel here and there.

This week I want to be able to start drawing a bit so I can hopefully work towards being able to work on comic pages and commissions again.

I was hoping to be able to try out a few warm up sketches first, as I always seem to be painfully poor at drawing / getting back into drawing when I've been on a hiatus from it x.x So I'll be opening up character asks on my Raven Wolf tumblr which I hope to answer via sketches.

So if you have a question for any of the cast members of Raven Wolf (comic or novel) or even about the series in general, be sure to drop an ask here - http://ravenwolf-kls.tumblr.com/ to see what kind of response you get back =)

Note: Questions can be both serious or silly, it's all in good fun.