Raven Wolf

You Can Now Support Raven Wolf on Patreon
March 30th, 2014, 2:46 pm

Right now this is just a small announcement, I don't have a much as I would like up there yet, but I'm hoping to improve the page by receiving feedback on ideas for milestones and pledges. Right now it's in a very experimental stage to see if this is indeed something that will work out for me. One step at a time right?

So what is patreon? Well as described here http://youtu.be/wH-IDF809fQ it's a way for dedicated fans to help support artists, kinda like kickstarter but instead of funding a very big project, you're helping to fund updates and released for constant projects and keep them going, like Raven Wolf.

You do not have to pledge money, though the ones that do will help in keeping Raven Wolf released and help it remain free and available to everyone. Though I do not expect a whole lot right now if this venture is successful it will open up a lot more exciting possibilities for Raven Wolf.

Check out the page if you have the time, hopefully this will be a way to help Raven Wolf grow.