Raven Wolf

Patreon Reminder and Print Sale SAVE 25-75%
May 2nd, 2014, 3:28 pm

The patreon rewards will continue to improve depending on feedback on ideas for milestones and pledges.

So what is patreon? Well as described here http://youtu.be/wH-IDF809fQ it's a way for dedicated fans to help support artists, kinda like kickstarter but instead of funding a very big project, you're helping to fund updates and released for constant projects and keep them going, like Raven Wolf.

You do not have to pledge money to continue reading the series, though those that do pledge will help in keeping Raven Wolf continue to be released as well as help it remain free and available to everyone. They'll also be working toward opening up more exciting possibilities for Raven Wolf.

So yes, just a friendly reminder to check out the patreon page if you have not already.

As for the second part of the announcement, IT'S TIME FOR A HUGE SPRING SALE!!! It's out with the old prints to make room for the new, for a limited time during the entire month of May all fanart related merchandise will be 25% - 75% off! So if you've been thinking of picking something up now would be the time to do it! Be sure to take advantage of this limited opportunity while you can! http://kls.storenvy.com/collections/106531-fan-art-convention-left-overs