Raven Wolf

I am back
June 26th, 2014, 2:04 pm
Heya, back from recovering from doctor's appointments, medication and all that not fun at all stuff. I'm hoping to start up work again now so hopefully you will start seeing work from me again. Very sorry for the long hiatus, I didn't think the meds and appointments would screw me over THIS much x.x

Now to try and get everything back on schedule x.x got a lot of work to do x.x

Also, I apologize for the drop in image quality for my readers who read ahead on the comic on 'inkblazers' http://ravenwolf.inkblazers.com they are having image quality issues due to an update and have yet to fix it (which is actually extremely frustrating for me) because of that updates to the comic will be much slower until they fix it. (4 pages a month instead of 8) I apologize for this, but is it just unbelievably stressful for me to have something I work so hard on look so bad.