Raven Wolf

Raven Wolf comic updates
October 14th, 2014, 6:48 pm
Will only be happening once a week on Wednesdays outside of Inkblazers from now on as I attempt to catch up on commissions and my other comics.


Very sorry for the slow updates, the comic is not dead, the pages are just being made at a much slower rate.

Inkblazers, the main site Raven Wolf was posted on and the website that paid for it's releases shut down. So I no longer have their financial backing and as such can no longer devote as much time to making this comic as before because I have to spend more time doing things that will actually pay me enough to cover bills and buy food for my work.
Dead Dead comic?? i HOPE not , enjoying it muchly
I'm hoping this comic isn't dead.
It's a bit depressing that every day I check to see if there's a new comic and there isn't any.
You do amazing art and have an impressive storyline!
Hope it will continue!!
(From a fan unable to comment)
Well, I'm positive this comic will remain incomplete.
Enjoyed it while it was going, and still enjoying it!! Bye! ^~^
Crap! That's harsh that InkBlazers is gone, I had heard about it but... Wow.
Glad to hear this is still alive!
awesome comics Who said it was dead it's amazing plz make more picture comics for ch8-15 I'm hopping for u creator tnx