Raven Wolf

Annual Shipping Wars 2016
January 28th, 2016, 2:24 pm
February 14 coming up, so it’s time to do the annual Valentines shipping war. This year we’ll be including No Future as well! So nominate and vote for your favourite couple (canon or non-canon, it doesn’t mater) the winning couple for each series gets an artwork of them drawn.

For step one I need the nominations to vote for, so PM or leave a comment nominating the couple or couples (from Raven Wolf and No Future) you would like to see on the voting list.


awesome cosmic Not a comment I'm a big fan plaza make more picture comics as fast as u can tnx
@raven wolf: it has been 3 years since any activity, did you stop and drop it all.
@Mike: It updates more often on tapastic but still very slowly. Arthritis and free time has not been kind.