Raven Wolf

Little Update and a Question
November 18th, 2012, 12:02 am
As you may or may not have noticed via the comic page updates, I have been keeping myself very busy. Hopefully I will continue to feel this good and healthy and can continue to progress forward with my art. (Though I'm still fighting not falling asleep with my meds, -which I completely lost the fight today though as I apparently slept pretty much through the whole day and was only awake long enough to post the comic page I finished up before passing out previously)

My productivity is going to slow down closer to Christmas, as for a Christmas gift to herself (and the rest of my family) my sister will be flying in to stay with us over the holidays for two weeks, so I'm very much going to be hanging out with her over the course of two weeks... and by hanging out I mean nerding it out... cause we're both nerds, I would say how but then my sis would get angry cause she doesn't like admitting to the world how nerdy she is -I'm so excited btw!!!- I'll try to throw a few pages in, but I honestly doubt that I'll be able to put many out during those weeks (but you can't really blame me for that)

One a totally random note tomorrow I'll hopefully (if mom can get the car through the snow) will be picking up my copy of Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed, should be lots of fun as I thoroughly enjoyed the first one, on Tuesday my PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale should also be coming in, and that one is gonna be a lot of fun too, at this point I don't know which one I'm going to be having more fun with, but I'm really looking forward to 'em (I'M SO GONNA FORCE MY SISTER TO PLAY THESE GAMES WITH ME WHEN SHE COMES OVER TO VISIT!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!)

Oh yes! The other reason I'm making this journal! I was gonna do another special image for Christmas like I did for Halloween then year, but I don't know what character / characters to use ( I brought this question up during one of my streams as well) So, which Raven Wolf character/characters you would like to see featured in a Christmas image this year?

Edit: You know, I never upload my extra images / filler pictures to smackjeeves now that I think about it, cause I'm always afraid of them interrupting the flow. I think I should at least add them in between chapters or something. Maybe I will do that.