Raven Wolf

2 Year Anniversary - And a Character Poll
March 5th, 2013, 12:32 pm

March brings about not only my birthday (9th of March) but the Anniversary of when I started working on making my Raven Wolf book into a comic.

It's been two years since I started up my Raven Wolf Comic project, and although I am not nearly as far along in it as I would like to be I'm still pretty happy with what I've been able to accomplish despite the complications and set backs I have run into. Thank you everyone for supporting my worth thus far, lets hope that Raven Wolf will have another great year ahead of it.

So to celebrate both the Comic's second anniversary and as an easy way to give me a birthday gift. I thought I would hold another character poll. (I never like asking for much as gifts, but always love seeing how people react or take to my characters, so your responses really would mean a lot to me)

Though some characters have yet to be properly introduced in the comic yet, here the cast list for Book 1 (first 15ish chapters of the comic) This year voting will be counted a little bit differently. Simply number the characters from 1 through 11, 1 being the highest, 11 being the lowest, and lets see which characters mange to rack up the most points. Results will be counted and posted on the 12th of March. (Listing from highest to lowest, so characters can't have the same number, unless of course you reaaaally really can't decide xD)

Teddy Conner
Dolly Conner
Eve Cadrey
Fitz Cadrey
General Louis Mort
Zack Magellan
Lumia Masters
Kit Milford

For those of you further along in the stories and have been introduced to the cast of characters that come after the first book, I got some more fun character related questions for you too, just give a reply by filling in a character's name in this field. (Feel free to list a character more than once if it applies to more that one section) Also feel free to add your votes to the list of comic characters to help your favorite character on that list win over the others in the polls! Remember that you are not limited to the above list, as there are plenty of characters that have yet to show up in the comics.

Favorite Wild -
Favorite Domestic -
Favorite True Blood (this includes the hybrids) -
Favorite Super Soldier -
Favorite Source -

I look forward to and anticipate everyone's replies.