Raven Wolf

Name: Teddy Conner
Date of Birth: February 27
Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Faction: Domestic -but with Wild lineage-
Rank: Security Guard

Interests: Anything considered 'normal'
Dislikes: His native heritage, his job
Positive Qualities:Loyal, Dependable, Kind
Negative Qualities:Easily Embarrassed, Self Continuous, Doubtful

Teddy has been associated with the Domestic Military for seven years, two of those years were spent as a solider out on the field until he was was injured in an accident leaving him blind in his right eye, as a result he was taken off of the field and given the position of security guard. Though surgery and treatment have restored his vision his sight isn't perfect, and though he had been trying to get back on the field Teddy still finds himself a security guard five years after the event.

Though born an registered as a Domestic his parents were both at one time -before deciding to become domesticated and move to the city- Wilds, and because of this he has all the features that a Wild would normally have instead of the features of a domestic, this causing him to be picked on when he was a child, and feared for no good reason as an adult, because of this he is very embarrassed of his heritage and has grown somewhat distant from the rest of his family who are rather proud of it.

Teddy has a twin sister named Dolly, who is also a member of the Domestic Military

Name: Yula -Subject #1502-
Date of Birth: ???
Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Faction: Wild
Rank: Test Subject

Interests: Boardgames
Dislikes: Boredom
Positive Qualities: Obedient, Friendly, Curious
Negative Qualities: Naive, Oblivious, Kind of Stupid

Yula, more commonly known as Sebject #1502, is a wolf of Wild decent that was captured and brought in by the Domestic Military over three hundred years ago because of a unique ability many though him to possess, though has never displayed during his years in captivity, the gift to see the future when he sleeps. The only thing he ever sees in his sleep the death of his mother, an event that specialists say, is a traumatic memory from when he was a child that he cannot forget. Despite watching this scene every night when he sleeps, Yula has grown quiet numb to seeing it over and over again, though it still leave him a little downhearted after waking.

Despite being over three hundred years old Yula is very child like, and acts very young for his age. This can be attributed to his inexperience to the world and everything around him, Yula having grown up locked away in a room within a laboratory completely secluded from the world around him. The only people that talk to Yula the scientists that question him about his dreams in search of a vision, and Teddy, the security guard appointed to take care of him, whom Yula befriended and is currently the only friend he currently has.

Name: Professor Eve Cadrey
Date of Birth:August 9
Species: Fox
Gender: Female
Faction: Domestic
Rank: Military Scientist

Interests: History, Extinct Cultures
Dislikes: Fitz, Tacky Museum Exhibits (those damn bugs!), Being Ignored
Positive Qualities: Hard Working, Intelligent, Independent
Negative Qualities: Easily Irritated, Snappy, Bossy

Eve is very much a seeker of the truth, if something exists she wants to know why, how and everything else she possibly can about it, this making her a very avid and acclaimed historian. It is because of this drive as well as her expertise in old cultures and histories, that she was taken in on Project 1502.

Eve grew up and still lives in her family owned museum, with her Father, a retired Treasure Hunter, her ailing bed ridden sister Gracie, and her unofficially adopted brother Fitz, whom her father took in and raised in the family business of being a treasure hunter, which though Eve comes from a long line from has absolutely no interest in being involved in, she much liking to learn from the safety and comfort of the city as opposed to risking her life in some untamed jungle filled with bugs while being chased around by Wilds.

Eve does not get along well with Fitz at all.

Name: Fitz Cadrey
Date of Birth:April 1
Species: Raccoon
Gender: Male
Faction: Domestic
Rank: Treasure Hunter

Interests: Adventure, Exploration, Traveling, Bugging Eve
Dislikes: Military like organizations, Collars, Janitorial Duties
Positive Qualities:Resourceful, Skilled, Interesting
Negative Qualities:Likes Annoying People, Easily Distracted, Boastful

Fitz grew up not knowing who his parents were, and lived out on his own on the streets. In an attempt to steal something capable of earning him some money he broke into the Cadrey Museum, unfortunately getting caught by Eve's cunning father, who at the time was a very skilled and quick thinking treasure hunter. Instead of punishing Fitz as one normally would, Eve's father was impressed with how close he had gotten to stealing a very valuable museum piece, and whom saw potential in him as a treasure hunter, a skill and talent pass down through the Cadrey family for generations, but feared to be lost to this one as both of his daughters showed absolutely no interest in it.

As a treasure hunter Fitz is unrivaled, even surpassing Eve's father whom was said to be the best and brightest of the Cadrey family. Despite his skills he spends much of his time at home at the museum, as Mr. Cadrey has gotten old in his years, lost his skills and become very absent minded. Fitz keen on taking care of him an his beloved museum as thanks for taking him in off the streets as his own.

April 1st isn't Fitz's actual birthday, but Fitz has no idea when he was born and that was just as easy to remember date.

Name: Zack Magellan
Date of Birth: December 13
Species: Skunk
Gender: Male
Faction: Domestic
Rank: Soldier

Interests: ???
Dislikes: People in general
Positive Qualities: Follows his orders without question
Negative Qualities: Not easy to get along with, rude, arrogent

Zack Magellan is a soldier who though doesn't often take part is in the action is brought along for observation. It's said his skills as a soldier are unparalleled, but that has yet to be confirmed as few have actually seen him in action.

Zack does not get along well with people, and shows no interest in trying, he much rather drive them away instead of attempt to make friends.

Not much is known about his personal life, in fact no one has ever seen him off the clock, and the only times they do see him he is always at General Mort's side, causing many to question the relationship between the two.

Name: General Louis Mort
Date of Birth: March 4
Species: Jackal
Gender: Male
Faction: Domestic
Rank: General

Interests: His Work
Dislikes: Failure
Positive Qualities: Hard Working, Determined, Does not easily give up
Negative Qualities: Short Tempered, No social life, Workaholic

General Mort practically lives in his office, he so dedicated to his job that he will never leave a project or assignment unfinished, even if it means working while off the clock or not going home in weeks.

Shows special interest in Zack Magellan, and is hardly ever seen without him by his side. No one is certain of what the connection between the two of them is but there are all kinds of speculations.